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Sexual Wellness


India’s first at Home Semen Collection Kits

Say goodbye to awkwardness with India’s first-ever at-home semen collection kit. Janani understands the concerns of millions of Indian men. That’s why we revolutionised how semen gets collected and tested.

Now available for just ₹499! Limited time offer.

Modern healthcare

for the modern you.


Be in the know of your body

Know the whats and whys of your body with our advanced at-home tests and free consultation from expert doctors.


One stop for all your fertility needs

All problems have a solution, and we help you find yours. Whatever it may be.

Sexual Wellness

Because sex is awesome

And even if you don’t feel like talking about it, you know there’s always some room for improvement.


Reconstruct your confidence

Get back to normal life faster. Feel normal again with carefully crafted surgical solutions.

Why Us?

Professional guidance

Expert doctors determined to deliver you the best medical help

From your home’s comfort

Solutions to all your problems, delivered to your home

Customised for you

Customised solutions examined & designed to suit all your needs

Affordable solutions

Simple & affordable services that can be prac- tised together with love

Because Janani leads the way

Sex has always been taboo.

But, now is the time to overcome the hushes. Janani proudly dismantles the age-old beliefs, stigma and prejudices to create a safe and warm place where love blooms.

And we’ve made it easy for you


Pick what you need

Pick a test, product or consultation that you need and that’s it!


Get a free consultation

An expert doctor will schedule an appointment with you to understand your requirements so we can help you better.


We customise it according to you

Your product gets customised according to your needs.


And it’s at your home!

The complete care package gets delivered to your home.

We respect your privacy as much as you do

While we shush the hush, we also help you with your needs. Discreet packaging or sex secrets, it is between you and us only.

Janani cares and connects

Love is a vast and beautiful journey. We support, assist, guide and take control of your situations when needed.

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